The report covers the success, failures and challenges faced by Masvingo City Council in providing Health Care Services to its Urban and Peri= Urban Population.

In providing Health Care Services Masvingo City Health was guided by the Alma Atta Declaration (Primary Health Care Concept) World Health Organisation’s six pillars of Health, Council’s continued political commitment, well trained committed staff, Corporate Management, Stakeholder support and involvement and above all Central Government’s commitment to continue to support the provision of comprehensive Health Care Services to Local Authorities created an enabling environment to provide health care services.

Masvingo City Council provided Health Care Services in line with Sustainable Development Goals.

Objectives of the Department

  • Direct flights To promote and Monitor High Standards of food hygiene
  • To prevent and control communicable diseases
  • To ensure compliance of premises through enforcement of legislation
  • To monitor and control pollution (air, water, land) in the urban environments.

About us

We are committed to the provision of an efficient, cost effective, convenient and reliable health care delivery system that satisfies the needs of the patient and community in the Urban settlement.  We consider our contribution pivotal to the development of the economy and our success is measured by our ability to meet these ideals in a friendly and Healthy environment.

Our mission

To be safest, client centred and a competitive health department in the provision of quality health services.

The Role of the Health Department during 2019

  • Offering acceptable accessible affordable and appropriate Primary Health Care Services as articulated in the Alma Atta Declaration of 1981.
  • Information Education and Communication on health issues
  • Keeping the City Clean, healthy and meeting environmental standards.

City Treasurer; T. Dube: 0772 570 184

Contact Us


Town Clerk; A.K Gusha: 0712 207 067

City Engineer; T. Gozo; 0716 800 134

Director of Housing and Community Services; L. Nzvura: 0772 571 009

Chief Health Officer; Z. Munganasa: 0772 570 180

Acting Chamber Secretary; V. Shonhai: 0772 360 208

Chief Internal Auditor; D. Moyo: 0775 330 291

Chief Internal Auditor; D. Moyo: 0775 330 291



Sewer blockages; Fire Brigade: (0392) 264 811; 0774 697 931 Water Pipe Bursts: 0772 292 723 Ambulance:

Physical Address

Civic Centre Offices Robert Mugabe Way MASVINGO