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Departmental Mission 


The Department is headed by the Chamber Secretary. It is established in terms of the Urban Councils’ Act Chapter 29:15 and it is responsible for central administration and secretarial services to Council. Overall functions of the department:
a. Provision of secretarial and administrative services  
b. Promoting corporate governance 
c. Managing and developing Human Resources 
d. Administering Council Asset Register
e. Provision of security
f.  Enforcing compliance of by-laws

Under this department are the following sections:
1. Human Resources
2. Municipal Police
3. Committees
4. Registry

The Chamber Secretary ensures that:
1. Committees of Council are properly constituted
2. Business is conducted in compliance with legislation, standing orders and corporate governance principles.
3. Capacity building for Councillors
4. Provision of legal advice to the Council and its departments
5. Deputizes the Town Clerk 


Committees  of Council:
a. Finance Committee
b. Audit Committee
c. Public works and Engineering committee
d. Environmental management committee
e. ICT committee


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