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Welcome to Housing and Community Services Department

Departmental Mission
To provide affordable shelter and social services in an environmentally friendly manner

It is the responsibility of the Director of Housing and Community Services to provisionally allocate rented residential accommodation and residential stands, subject to the approval of the Health, Housing Committee in an efficient, equitable and transparent manner to the housing applicants registered on the City’s Housing Waiting List.
Housing delievery is driven by four major strategic channels which are cordinated by the Housing Divisions which are:
                  Housing Cooperatives
                  Employer Assisted Housing Schemes
                  Private Land Developers with Council
                  Pay Schemes

The Sections in the department are shown below:


  • Our mission is to strengthen the community by providing equal access to a variety of educational resources necessary to meet the public needs for educational growth.
  • Our mission is to strengthen the community by providing equal access to a variety of educational resources necessary to meet the public needs for educational growth.
  • The vision for Masvingo City Libraries section is to become a techno-centric community hub and favorable destination for equal access to information, knowledge and independent learning for people of all ages.
  • Masvingo City Library boast of a collection consisting of a wide range of popular fiction, classics, nonfiction and reference works and subscription to local newspapers and magazines. The collection also serves the popular and recreational needs of the general public, and reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity of the community.

The welfare section is responsible for promoting Self help activities for Indviduals and community groups.

Masvingo City Council is committed :

  • To fulfill the expectation of the Central Government for Local Authorities to assist in the provision of Primary Education as part of our Social Services
  •  To make primary education accessible in order to nurture responsible, physically fit, mentally alert and socially acceptable learners.
  • To contribute towards Local Economic Development  
  • The role of the Liquor Section is to make Masvingo City be the first choice provider of Liquor and entertainment to the community of Masvingo at affordable prices at a profit in a home drinking environment.

The role of this section is to create and maintain the beauty value of the town and pleasant environment for the benefit of the local community and visitors.

It is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the provision of parks and gardens for the public to rest.
  • Provision of burial space to the urban community.
  • Provision of plants, flowers and vegetable seedlings to the community.
  • Minimizing the adverse effects of climate change and global warming through urban greening activities.
  • Promoting formalized urban agricultural activities.
  • Ensuring the provision of public spaces for local economic development



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1. Rujeko Primary School
2. Vurombo Primary School
3. Dikwindi Primary School
4. Runyararo Primary School
5. Shakashe Primary School
6. Francis Aphiri Primary School

1. Civic Center Gardens
2. Exor Park 
3. Caravan Park
4. Northleigh Park
5. Ebony Park
6. Eastvale Park

1. Leisure Library
Civic Centre Gardens
Robert Mugabe Way Masvingo
0392 262431 Ext 264

2. Mucheke Public Library
Mucheke Community Hall
0392 262431 Ext 292

3. Rujeko Public Library
Rujeko Community Hall
Mhizha Street Rujeko A
0392 262431 Ext 219

4. Chesvingo Public Library
Building Brigade Street

1. Rujeko Community Center
2. Mucheke Community Center
3. Mucheke Hall
4. Swimming Pool

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Libraries Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 0900-1700HR
Saturday 0900-1300HRS

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